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Top 10 Richest Terrorist Groups Around The World

“How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?” ― according to HOWARD ZINN
The post-war world has seen a significant rise in the practice of terrorism as world’s biggest threat to the humanity. Terrorism is often defined as -: “the unofficial or unauthorised use of violence & intimidation in the pursuit of a political aim.” Intimidation is thus a primary goal of terrorism.

Terrorism if judged from a political aspect, is a subversive and violent method of posting terror attacks on the contemporary society who defy them. These are done with the objective of attaining severe political aims. Creating panic attacks and spreading fear psychosis are the two most important objectives of terrorism.

Money is deeply entwined with terrorism. Terror organizations, business groups, illegal practices are the main hubs which work as the primary fundraisers for the terrorist groups. Quick cash is thus the easiest mean for their existence. Therefore, it is quite clear that more the power the more is the monetary influence. With the inactiveness in its work, a terror group gradually starts to perish. In recent times few terror groups have shaken the world, and it is very astonishing to notice their annual turnovers. The top 10 are:

 Richest Terrorist Groups in 2018

10. BOKO HARAM (Net Worth: $25 MILLION)

It is an Islamic extremist group operating from northeastern Nigeria and is also active in Chad, niger, North Cameroon.Their main financial help is received through kidnapping and collecting a huge amount of ransom from the victims. Apart from these bank robberies and drug trafficking are also executed. Since the total monetary transaction takes place through courier services it becomes impossible to track the illegal activity. Donation from Islamist fanatics is also witnessed.

9. REAL I.R.A (Net Worth: $50 MILLION)

Irish Republican Army is a paramilitary force which aims at the unification of the Ireland. In recent years it has gained more power than the Irish national army. Its main bounties come from illegal fuel operations and smuggling.