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30 Inventions From Marvel Fans Wish They Could Own

When the Marvel Universe was created in 1961, technology was in what we might call the stone ages. Ideas like handheld phones, people talking through TV screens and mini-computers were considered pure science fiction. Over the decades, technology has shifted majorly and Marvel has been smart being not just at the forefront but ahead of the curve. It’s justified as there are several utter geniuses about like Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and others to explain some major advances. Some fans may nitpick on it such as how these guys can create ultra-genius stuff but can’t fix simple problems of diseases or environmental issues.

But this is still a universe of amazing things, which is needed when you have mutants, monsters and aliens walking the streets. From suits of armor to handheld weapons, from simply mundane devices made awesome, to some vehicles, the Marvel Universe abounds with technologies fans wish they had. The movies have done a great job bringing them to life and balancing them in a realistic fashion for non-comic book audiences to accept. Obviously, some of these are beyond our capabilities to create but others actually seem achievable.


Okay, this one is just for the fun of it. In a 1973 storyline, a car company approached Spider-Man to craft a car as a promotional gimmick. Always in need of some cash, Spidey agreed despite the fact he didn’t even know how to drive (having long relied on web-swinging). He went to Johnny Storm for help but soon regretted it when he saw what Johnny built: A dune buggy with a spider-motif that Peter instantly called “a fiasco.”

True, it had nifty bits like being able to drive up buildings and could transform into a regular car for hiding. But it just looked ridiculous and thus Peter was downright grateful when a battle with thugs dropped it into the river. It became a running joke for years although it’s made a few surprising comebacks. Thus, some gearheads would be actually happy to get this nutty ride going for themselves.


A lot of fans weren’t happy with how the MCU treated the Mandarin as a joke. That includes ignoring the man’s major power thanks to his weaponry. After losing power in the communist revolution, a Chinese nobleman found a temple containing the remains of an alien starcraft that crashed centuries before. He also found ten rings, each with their own unique power: Ice, a “black light,” lightning, wind, gravity, remaking atomic matter, disintegration, power blast and mental control. Since then, the Mandarin has used the rings in his attempts to establish a Chinese empire with himself as ruler.

He’s played around with them (even having them put into his own body for personal power) and even given them to others to use.


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