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20 Female Celebs Who Never Want To Settle Down



It might be a bit of a surprise, considering how traditional and relationship minded her alter ego, Charlotte York, was on her hit show, Sex and the City, but the actress, Kristin Davis, says that she was never that little girl who dreamed of getting married when she was older. While she says she would still consider getting married, she also says that it’s not something that she feels like she has to do, and she’s perfectly happy being by herself. Davis hasn’t let her lack of a husband stop her from becoming a mom, adopting her daughter, Gemma Rose, seven years ago and reportedly adopting another son just this May. And while she has never actually taken that walk down the aisle, that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t had an incredibly impressive relationship resume.

The actress has dated rich and famous guys like Alec Baldwin, Aaron Sorkin, professional athlete, Rick Fox, and legendary comedian, Steve Martin. And frankly, if none of those guys were good enough to tie the knot with, then maybe she really is destined to be single forever.

If your dating pool seems to be eternally filled with amazing options, then not wanting to settle makes sense.



Unlike a lot of the other ladies on this list, actress and sitcom writer, Mindy Kaling, says that she really wanted to get married when she was younger. Apparently inspired by the great relationship between her parents, Mindy couldn’t wait to find someone to settle down with and experience that kind of love with. But things don’t always go according to plan, and while she would still be open to finding someone and making her relationship more permanent, she says that it’s not something that she feels the need for, and she likes knowing that she can take care of herself and handle her life on her own.

It would appear that she needs a pretty significant reason to settle down too, Kaling recently welcomed her first child, a daughter named Katherine, and hasn’t made things official with her father or publicly discussed the father at all, for that matter. And one thing is clear, if you can handle life with a kid and don’t need the comfort blanket of a marriage to help you, then you’re 100% fine on your own. And while it would be nice if everyone who wanted a serious relationship would find one, Mindy is totally right on how important it is to know that you can handle yourself.


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