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20 Female Celebs Who Never Want To Settle Down



Perhaps Naomi Campbell’s moodiness have prevented her from ever actually settling down with someone, and perhaps her unwillingness to actually get hitched stems at least partially from the fact that her most recent long-term boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, had not yet divorced his wife when he began his relationship with Naomi and hadn’t even divorced her by the time their relationship ended. Campbell was actually engaged once in 1993 to a man named Adam Clayton, who also happened to be the bassist for the worldwide smashing successful band, U2. Their engagement didn’t last more than a year, and a few years later, she got engaged to businessman, Flavio Briatore, but none of her other relationships have ever gotten to that point since.

Naomi definitely isn’t lacking when it comes to male attention though. The list of successful entertainers and obscenely rich dudes who have gone after her seems almost never-ending, and when you’re 47 and still have the looks of a supermodel, it’s easy to understand why you might want to explore your options. And her relationship options don’t seem to be slowing down at all as time goes on, so if she hasn’t found the one then why not keep looking.



Australian pop star, Kylie Minogue, has been a very eligible bachelorette ever since she hit it big in music in the ’80s, but, despite her obvious personal appeal, she has never actually decided to get hitched, and reportedly, doesn’t have an interest in ever making that happen for herself either. While Minogue has had several serious relationships that have lasted for years at a time, she says that she just feels comfortable with the knowledge that she always has her own freedom. Even if she doesn’t actually want to be free, just knowing that she has it makes her happy, apparently happy enough that she probably won’t ever end up settling down.

And while most people are always looking for someone that they genuinely want to be with for a long time, it does make a lot of sense that Kylie doesn’t want to actually, officially commit to someone just so she can be in a committed relationship on paper. Not to mention, when you look like Minogue looks and have the kind of career success that she has had, it makes a lot of sense to be as picky as possible, aiming for a guy who is the total package and nothing less is understandable when you’re the total package yourself.


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