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20 Female Celebs Who Never Want To Settle Down

Here are 20 female celebs who, unlike most other celebs, have no intention of letting go of their freedom.

The world of women seems to be changing so rapidly that it’s crazy, but unfortunately, the pressure to get married, have a family, and “settle down” is still an expectation that most people have for most women. And while that is an awesome thing for women to do if it’s something that they really want, it’s not the kind of commitment that anyone should actually commit to unless they really and truly do want it. Now that most women develop careers and lives for themselves, it’s understandable that a lot of them are reconsidering the traditional life and asking themselves whether or not it’s the right kind of life for them, and that seems to especially be true for rich and famous women.

That makes a lot of sense because none of these famous ladies need to be in a relationship unless they really want to be, and considering how much they’ve managed to accomplish in their own lives, it’s more than reasonable that they want to wait for someone who is a good match for them (or just go on their lives if Mr. Right never actually shows up). Plus, now that women living their lives only for themselves has become more common and more acceptable more celebrity women have become comfortable with expressing their unwillingness to settle down permanently with someone. And while they all have different reasons for wanting to stay permanently solo, they all have pretty understandable reasons for wanting that. What exactly are those reasons? Read on to find out!


Charlize Theron is one of the foxiest and most successful actresses out there, so if she really wanted to find a dude to marry, she presumably would have no problems. However, Theron acknowledges that marriage might not be in the cards for her, and while she does want to have a serious and long-term relationship with someone, she doesn’t actually put a whole lot of stock in being married, and the whole ceremonial aspect of it is not something that’s important to her. And she’s certainly a woman who can afford to be incredibly picky about the guys she chooses to be with, but considering her familial history, it’s also more than understandable that she places little to no value on the institution of marriage. Sadly, Theron grew up in a household affected by serious issues, and that bad situation only came to an end when her father passed away.

Growing up with that kind of relationship model would certainly make anyone hesitant to a serious long term commitment.

Now that Charlize is a mom to her two own adopted children it makes a whole lot of sense that she’d want to ensure that they have as stable and happy a home life as possible.


Considering comedienne Chelsea Handler’s personality and personal style it’s not hugely surprising that she’s not the commitment-minded type. She has always said that having children was not in the cards for her, and that getting married seemed like something that would only make breaking up infinitely more complicated. She also used to say that marriage just seemed like commercialized nonsense to her, and while she hasn’t budged on her decision to never become a mom, she has had a bit of a change of heart when it comes to getting married.

While it’s not on the top of her priority list, it’s not something that she actively wants to avoid now either, and she says that she understands the value of committing to someone and not making it about the event of a wedding.

But we’ll see if that change of mind actually results in anything down the line because while she says she’d be open to it, she also isn’t in a serious relationship at the moment and hasn’t been in one for a while. And while it’s unusual for a woman to be so averse to commitment, it’s also good that Handler doesn’t want to commit to someone just for the sake of commitment.


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