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20 Celeb Wives Who Make Way More Money And Wear The Pants In The Relationship

It’s worth mentioning the few hard working women who have outshined their significant others when it comes to bringing home the bacon.

The wage gap between men and women in Hollywood has been discussed for quite some time, and it’s no secret that these men have been making a ton more money than their women counterparts. So, it’s worth mentioning the few hard working women who have outshined their significant others when it comes to bringing home the bacon.

From getting her start on American Idol, to becoming one of the most successful singers in the music industry, Carrie Underwood reportedly has a net worth of $85 million, compared to her former NHL husband, Mike Fisher, who apparently brings home $1 million a year and has a net worth of $30 million. You would guess that the NFL athlete with the most Super Bowl titles and rings would beat out his wife when it comes to earnings, but you’d be totally wrong. New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, has a mere net worth of $180 million, compared to his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, who has an insane net worth of $340 million. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt for your woman to be the breadwinner, gentleman!

Let’s take a look at the 20 celebrity wives who are making way more than their star-studded husbands. Who says women can’t make more than men anyway? It’s 2018, and we should start recognizing women for their talents and hard work just as we have done with the men in Hollywood. Check out this list and see which Hollywood starlets are working hard for the money!


Nicole Richie may be the adopted daughter of the Lionel Richie, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t working hard to support her family. Nicole rose to fame after tagging along with Paris Hilton and landing the television series, The Simple Life, which actually did extremely well on the Fox network, premiering with 13 million viewers. Since then, she’s made a name for herself in Hollywood as a fashion designer, author, and actress and has come a long way since her hard-partying days. Richie owns her own fashion line named House of Harlow 1960, which began with jewelry and grew to include clothes and shoes. The collection sells in online shops like Revolve. She also had her own television show on VH1 called Candidly Nicole and has had guest star roles on shows like Project Runway, Eve, Six Feet Under, and Chuck. Let’s not forget that Richie also landed the role of a quirky TV actor on the NBC comedy, Great News, which revealed that she’s actually very good in sitcoms and not just reality television. “I was intimidated on every level,” Richie told Refinery29, adding, “So I was really walking in not only as the girl who just got her first acting role as a regular on a series but also as just the new kid on the block.” So how much money does Nicole Richie make than her husband Joel Madden? Remember that guy, the lead singer of Good Charlotte? Richie is said to have an estimated net worth of $48 million, while her husband has a cool $16 million.


Tom Brady has won five Super Bowls, has won four Super Bowl MVP Awards, and is constantly being debated as the best quarterback in the NFL. You’d probably take a guess that this athlete is making way more than his wife, but you’d be so wrong. Brady is married to top supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, who has been in the modeling business since she was a teenager. Now, at the age of 37, Gisele is still killing it in the modeling industry and has been among the highest-paid models in the world, if not the highest-paid model in the entire world. In 2000, Gisele signed a massive $25 million deal with Victoria’s Secret, and in the same year, Rolling Stone magazine named her “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.” By 2004, this beauty became the top earner among models, and even after ending her relationship with Victoria’s Secret in 2007, was still extremely sought after. In 2012, the top model made news for appearing sans-clothing in Vogue Paris magazine, proving to the world that at the age of 32, she was still one of the most beautiful and hard-working models. Let’s just say that Tom Brady is one lucky man. Bundchen reportedly makes more than $40 million a year and has an insane net worth of $340 million. The New England Patriots quarterback reportedly has a net worth of a mere $180 million, compared to his stunning model wife.


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