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15 Long-Legged Celebs Who Clearly Don’t Care How Short Their Man Is

Hey, how’s the weather up there? That’s what we are thinking when we see female celebs who hover over their partners. While seeing a guy who is taller than his gal is no big whoop, for some reason, we are still shocked when we see a lady who is lengthier than her lad. Sure, it is a double standard to think one scenario is okay and the other is odd, but that’s life. But for these couples, the height difference did not stop them from getting together. Some are still going strong and others have split, but we can suppose that the height difference was not the cause of the breakup.

Some of these ladies are models, so being super tall is part of the package. And when they can’t find a guy who measures up, so to speak, they look down to find true love. Who cares if their man is a shorty? If they have a big heart, height means nothing. Other ladies on our list are around average height, but their men are still far shorter. Tall, dark, and handsome doesn’t matter to these gals. Short and sweet is just as special.

Take a look at these 15 couples where the long-legged ladies tower over their tiny men. As these fellas look up to admire their tall drinks of water, they can be sure their ladies are looking down on them with nothing but admiration, unless they are seeing their reflection in their guy’s bald spot.


Model/actress Clare Grant is the wonderful wife of actor Seth Green. You may recognize Green from his hilarious roles in the Austin Powers movies or from the dozens of other films he has appeared in over the years since he has been in the biz. Not only is Green very funny, but he seems to be secure in his shortness, made crystal clear by the fact that Grant stands head and shoulders above him. And not only is she quite tall (at least compared to her hubby), but she is beautiful too, making Green one lucky guy. Other men must see the actor with his lovely wife and find themselves green with envy! But just because Green is no giant does not mean he must only be with petite women.

Obviously, opposites attract, and Green looked for a gal with more inches than he’ll ever hope to have. Grant must think her man, while mini, is marvelous. He is funny and talented, which is far more interesting than a guy who can reach the highest kitchen shelf. Plus, Grant can do that for herself. Go Green for finding a gal who is heads above the rest! Well, heads above him anyhow.


The beautiful actress Cameron Diaz is an A-lister who has dated many famous fellas over the years. And for the most part, they have been relatively tall, as she is quite the leggy lady herself. But Diaz never found “the one” until she looked down and set her eyes on musician Benji Madden. He may be rock-and-roll cool, but he is far from model material – at least when it comes to height. But that does not matter to the darling Diaz, who finds her fella to be just fine, even though he is considerably shorter than she is.

Folks say Diaz could have any man she wants, so why go for such a shorty? But what’s so bad about being short? Madden is all man and the two seem to be made for each other, like two peas in a lopsided pod. Tall men are not the only ones who should have a chance with long-legged ladies, after all. Guys like Madden may be just as interested in tall women too. He is super confident and laid-back cool, so when he went for Diaz, she was smitten. And don’t forget, Madden is a twin, so there’s double the fun! Just ask Nicole Richie, who is married to the other Madden twin.


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