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15 Countries Around The World Where Women Don’t Feel Safe

13. Japan

This one may be surprising given that many people probably see Japan as one of the safest countries in the world, but unfortunately the country has a big problem with s*xual assault. Groping in crowded areas and on trains is common – in fact, it’s become so endemic that female-only carriages were introduced.

Foreign women are often still seen as exotic, and as a result there are many accounts of groping, verbal abuse and stalking. Because assault still carries something of a stigma here, it’s not reported often; the Justice Ministry state that only 18% of victims report the attacks to the police.

Though plenty of women travel to Japan solo every year, it’s best to take cues from the local women; be vigilant and travel in female-only train carriages whenever possible.

12. Jamaica

Jamaica is the ultimate holiday destination for many women; the hot weather and sandy beaches make it the perfect place to kick back and indulge in some r&r. While there’s no worry about dressing particularly modest here, unfortunately assaults are something that visitors should be wary of.

Even staying in a resort doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise caution; in fact, according to the State Department, these types of places are usually where most assaults take place: “the U.S. Embassy received more than a dozen reports of s*xual assaults against American visitors to Jamaica in a 12-month period. Most of these took place at all-inclusive resorts; most were allegedly perpetrated by resort staff.”

Other violent crimes are also a problem throughout the country, particularly in Kingston and Montego Bay, so really it’s not too surprising that some women who travel here end up feeling uneasy, even if most do have a great time.


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