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15 Celeb Couples With Unusual Prenups We Would Never Sign



Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman seem to be one of the only couples that worked out a prenup that isn’t solely based on money but is meant to help the relationship, and so far, it’s been effective. Urban has never been shy when it comes to opening up about his past struggles with relationships and his bad habits. It wasn’t until he met Kidman that he started to get his act together and did everything possible to make the relationship, and later on marriage, work. That meant kicking his bad habits, and Kidman did everything she could to help him along the way, including a nice cash incentive.

Before they got married, they signed a prenup that stated Urban would get $600,000 every year they were together as long as he stayed sober, and if he didn’t, then he wouldn’t see a dime. Kidman even staged an intervention four months after the wedding to convince Urban to go to rehab. He was hesitant at first as he thought it would be a strain on their relatively new marriage but, in the end, with her full support he checked himself in. They’ve been married for 12 years now and he’s been sober for just as many.



It’s hard to decide which is crazier, the prenup Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise signed or the fact that Holmes stayed married to Cruise for six years even after his over the top couch jumping breakdown on Oprah. Considering how much money was involved though, it’s probably the prenup. Before they got married in 2006, they reached an agreement that Holmes would receive $3 million for every year she was married to Cruise but couldn’t exceed $33 million.

However, if they stayed together for longer than 11 years, then the prenup was voided and she would get half of Cruise’s money if they divorced. Five more years and Holmes could’ve set herself up for a hefty payday.

They weren’t meant to be and divorced in 2012, with Holmes set to receive $15 million, however, she turned it down in favor of full custody of their daughter Suri and $400,000 a year in child support for 12 years, when Suri turns 18. In total, Cruise will end up paying $4.8 million, but even if he’d had to dish out the original amount it wouldn’t have even put a dent in his $550 million net worth. It goes to show that Holmes values family and her daughter over a paycheck, as she didn’t even take any spousal support or receive any money she can spend on herself as it all goes to supporting Suri.


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