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10 Interesting Viking Rituals

The Vikings are well-known for combating and exploring, but faith and ritual practices have been a giant a part of their tradition and on a regular basis life. Their spiritual beliefs included many alternative gods and goddesses, a lot in order that it’s thought-about a “non-doctrinal group faith.” Which means their beliefs and rituals assorted amongst folks.

Though all of them had the identical gods and beliefs, there have been no set practices that needed to be adopted and other people worshiped solely the gods that have been related to their lives. Vikings additionally worshiped their useless ancestors, communicated with spirits, practiced divination and sorcery, and had all kinds of burial practices. This resulted in a wide variety of formality practices, each inside and between communities.

The Vikings handed on data by way of oral historical past quite than writing issues down. Thus, accounts from the Viking period have been both written by outsiders, who could not have absolutely understood what they have been witnessing or being advised, or written lengthy after the Viking interval had handed.

Descriptions of rituals are typically conflicting, probably inaccurate, or made up, both to color Vikings in a nasty mild or to inform a extra tantalizing story. But listed here are 10 rituals which can be typically thought-about to have been practiced by the Vikings.
10. Blot Sacrifice

The blot was a sacrifice practiced to realize the goodwill of the gods. These rituals have been carried out in massive teams on the property of the native chief who functioned as a priest through the ceremony. They have been each a means for folks to honor the gods and for the chiefs to point out off their wealth.

A blot supposedly occurred at 4 mounted instances a 12 months, near winter solstice, spring equinox, summer season solstice, and autumn equinox. They might even have further ones in the event that they have been having issues, like a nasty harvest.

Within the 13th century, Snorri Sturluson wrote an in depth description of a blot carried out by Sigurd Hakonsson. He stated that each one the native farmers gathered on the temple. There, they sacrificed many animals, principally horses, and cooked the meat. Twigs have been used to spray blood from the animals across the temple and on the contributors.

The cooked meat and glasses of beer have been blessed by the chief. Whereas consuming the beer, they toasted to Odin and different gods. Lastly, they toasted to their useless ancestors.

A distinct story was advised by the Arab al-Tartuchi who visited Hedeby, Germany, throughout winter solstice. He stated that individuals from across the space got here collectively to feast and anybody who sacrificed an animal caught it on stakes in entrance of their farm.

9. Human Sacrifice

Although not a standard a part of Viking life, human sacrifice was practiced at instances. As acknowledged, tales from the Viking interval should not at all times dependable, however archaeological stays point out that human sacrifice did occur sometimes.

Within the 11th century, Adam of Bremen wrote concerning the Vikings primarily based on secondhand accounts. He talked a few custom practiced at Uppsala, Sweden, each 9 years in the beginning of spring. This ritual lasted 9 days, with a feast and sacrifice each day. There have been 9 sacrifices every day for a complete of 81 sacrifices.

Every day, they sacrificed a male human and eight male animals. The our bodies have been hung from bushes in a sacred grove that was subsequent to the temple by which the ritual was carried out. This custom was practiced to honor Odin and safe victory within the coming 12 months. Though they usually sacrificed criminals or slaves, they as soon as sacrificed a king at Uppsala throughout a time of maximum famine.

In Snorri Sturluson’s saga, he says that they appeased the gods by sacrificing a lot of oxen one fall within the seventh century. When that didn’t work, they sacrificed a gaggle of males the following 12 months. The next 12 months, they blamed the king for the continued famine and sacrificed him, overlaying the altar in his blood.


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