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10 European Cities To Travel To For Romance And 10 To Party Away In

Europe is one of the most culturally and traditionally rich continents in the world, making it an all-time favorite destination spot for tourists. From Italy to France and England to Germany, Europe countries are filled with tons of vibrant cities. Deciding which cities to travel to can be difficult since there are so many breathtaking options in Europe to choose from. To narrow the options, most people travel to Europe for two main reasons: to have a romance or to party away.

Europe continues to be the top continent for romance. Countries like Italy, Spain, and France draw in hopeless romantics daily. How could anyone resist those Italian gondola rides or sharing a baguette under the Eiffel Tower? Similar to its romantic flare, Europe knows how to throw a good party. Home to some of the world’s most renowned clubs, scenic venues, and music festivals, Europe has a place for every type of partygoer. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or a party animal, many European cities will satisfy all of your traveler wants and needs.

Here are the most sought-after places in Europe for romantic getaways and to party away.


Located off the north-eastern shore of Italy, the beautiful city of canals is still deemed one of the world’s most romantic cities. The city of Venice mimics a fairytale landscape – it is filled with coastal views, captivating narrow lanes waiting to be explored, and charming bridges connecting the historical buildings. Venice is made up of 118 small islands connected by these bridges. Most people fly to Venice to take an iconic gondola ride with their lover down one of the many picturesque canals.


Ibiza, Spain has been deemed the greatest party city in the world. Knocking out Las Vegas, Miami, and Cancun for the top party city title, Ibiza has proven itself to be the best place on this planet to travel to when you’re looking to have a wild time. The island paradise is home to tons of odd beach parties, magical hidden coves, and even the world’s largest nightclub. Even A-list celebrities, like Paris Hilton, Chris Brown, and Ronaldo, have been seen partying away in Ibiza.


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