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10 Celebs Who Are Close To Their Kids And 10 Who Barely See Them


Jessica Simpson used to rule the radio: you couldn’t turn the dial without hearing one of her hit singles, like “With You.” You may remember Jessica dating Nick Lachey at the height of her career back in the early 2000s, but the couple got married in 2002 and later divorced in 2006. She went on to date former NFL tight end Eric Johnson, and eventually they had two children together: their daughter, Maxwell, was born in 2012, and their son, Ace, was born in 2014. The couple officially got married shortly after Ace was born.

It seems like Jessica made a good decision by waiting to have children with Eric rather than rushing into motherhood during her first marriage. Now, her little family is quite close, and although People has reported that she is currently working on an album, she has much more time to devote to her family.

According to Hello Giggles, her kids absolutely love dressing up, and sometimes, she even works out with them by her side! They are always posing for cute family photos together, and her kids are a constant fixture on her Instagram account. It seems everyone in the family is doing pretty well.


It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan came from a troubled family background. You have probably heard all kinds of stories about how her mother, Dina Lohan, encouraged her partying and other destructive habits from a young age—according to MTV, Dina was not a positive influence on Lindsay, and Lindsay felt that her mother’s lifestyle and attitude contributed to some of her own issues. However, Lindsay has reconciled with her mother and definitely calmed down a lot in recent years. She has really gotten her life back on track, and according to E! Online, she will be returning to TV acting this year. Perhaps one reason she has been able to sort herself out is because she sadly had to cut off contact with her father.

Lindsay’s tumultuous relationship with her mother has gotten a lot of press, but her relationship with her father was worse.

Now, the two never see each other—according to Harper’s Bazaar, Lindsay stopped speaking to her father nearly ten years ago because she said that his behavior was highly unpredictable. She no longer wanted to deal with the conflicts between them, and she felt that there was simply no way to improve their relationship.


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