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10 Celebs Who Are Close To Their Kids And 10 Who Barely See Them


Demi Moore and Bruce Willis may be a thing of the past—but their family connection is still strong. Both Demi and Bruce are very close with their children, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. Of the three, Rumer has done the most to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry, and because of this, she seems to share a special bond with her parents over their shared career choices. Rumer won season 20 of Dancing With the Stars, she made her Broadway debut in Chicago back in 2015, and she also has a recurring role on the show Empire.

Rumer has actually had the opportunity to work with her father Bruce twice on films sets, when she appeared in the movies The Whole Nine Yards and Hostage. According to People, Rumer says that both her father and mother have inspired her in countless ways. And it’s pretty crazy how similar Rumer and Demi look! On Instagram, Rumer has even posted about how the two of them look like they could be the same person. Too funny! It’s sweet that Rumer is so close with her parents still, even though she is in her twenties and they separated years ago.


So, you already saw Drew Barrymore appear earlier on this list because she’s super close with her kids. And you might remember how we mentioned that Drew did not have such a happy childhood herself. Now, we’re about to explain why. As you can see, Drew’s mother isn’t being mentioned here because she was super close with Drew—quite the opposite. Drew’s mother, Jaid Barrymore, felt like her daughter could be her ticket to fame. After Drew became a break out child star for her role in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Jaid began taking advantage of her.

According to Vogue, Jaid would take Drew to Hollywood parties when she was underage and encourage her to go crazy and impress the older actors and actresses. She allowed Drew to partake in all sorts of destructive activities, until Drew’s physical and mental health began to suffer, and she finally sought treatment as a teenager. According to Vanity Fair, Drew eventually cut off all contact with her mother, recognizing her as a negative influence who lead her down the wrong path when Drew was too young to know any better. She moved away from her mother when she was fifteen, and hasn’t spoken to her since.


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